​​It's not just dinner, it's theatre!

​Plates & Plots Dinner Theatre

​It's not just dinner, it's theatre!

​​ABOUT US - In no particular order...

​Heather Adams  Heather performed in her first play at Workshop Theatre in 1986.  She has been part of the street cast at the Carolina Renaissance Festival in Charlotte for 19 years.  This is her 2nd year performing in murder mystery dinner theatre, and is now writing for us!

​Christopher Adams  has graced our stage upon occasion and can regularly be found at the Carolina Renaissance Festival.  He first ventured into dinner theatre around three years ago where he promptly was killed onstage by a rogue candy cane.  As our producer, we appreciate his support and are glad that we are part of his fandom.  

Skyler Lease At the ripe young age of 5, Skye was in her first show at church and now, 10 years later, she is bursting at the seams to move out and make a name for herself on Broadway (but her mom is making her finish high school).  Her favorite roles have included parts in ​Pirates of Penzance, Mulan Jr., Beauty and the Beast Jr., scenes from ​Hamilton, and most recently, portraying Wednesday Addams in ​The Addams Family Musical for WKHS. 

​Tracey Lease When not organizing performances, memorizing lines, writing scripts, and saving the world, Tracey is taking care of her fab husband and four kids.  She has been involved with performing ever since she was four and was "Lamb" in the Christmas story.  She thanks her family and friends who have believed in her for all these years!

Jennifer Simmons is thrilled to be making her Plates & Plots debut! Jennifer is a mom, wife, and theatre teacher, who was last onstage in Town Theatre's "Mary Poppins". She spends most of her time                  directing and herding middle schoolers. 

Phil Rowe has long experience in the realm of murder mystery dinner theatre and loves to destroy the 4th wall.  He has performed in ‘legit’ theatre, toured, and graced ‘real’ stages.  He has recently joined the cast of the Carolina Renaissance Festival in Charlotte.